• Retail company with a traditional sales model.
  • Nonexistent digital team.
  • Cultural transformation towards digital.
  • Omnichannel strategy implementation.
  • Online channel as a new face of the brand.
  • Online sales.
  • Leroy Merlin e-commerce sales:
    • In 2010: 0€
    • In 2016: 25,000,000€

In 2010, Leroy Merlin called us. They told us they were initiating a complete digital transformation where UVE Agency might be helpful.

More than 6 years and 100 projects have already passed since then.

We have dedicated more than 50,000 hours of work and today Leroy Merlin would not make sense without their online sales, their omnichannel strategy or the digital transformation of their departments.

More than 40 people in UVE team have been part of it. We have shared good and bad news: weddings, births of children, divorces, travels, laughter and stress, a great deal of stress. A whole lifetime. Because 6 years make a whole lifetime in our sector. We have learnt, improved and become experts in our field.

During Leroy Merlin’s digital transformation, UVE Agency has been part of the new e-commerce channel, where they daily sell 88k products. We have created product configurators impossible to imagine. Who would have said that the customers would be able to design their own closets easily from home? We have designed apps for smartphones, tablet devices or Smart TVs, when we thought noone used Smart TVs applications yet. It’s all been done!

We have been part of neverending projects that lasted more than two years. We have developed tools for Facebook, designed YouTube and Twitter media, participated in beautiful ECO programmes to provide the environmental value of homes. We have been part of hundreds of promotions and commercial operations, creating applications for stores so that customers can access to thousands of products that are not stocked in-store. We have monthly sent millions of e-mails! Yep. Milliions (we bet you’ve got some of them).

There were times where we had 15 people working on-site at Leroy Merlin headquarters, developing and managing digital content. We have learnt about e-commerce beyond lists, product sheets or buy botton. We have learnt about richrelevance, upselling, crosselling, transportation, click and collect and ROPO effect. We have become experts by the hand of an expert.

During the past 6 years, Leroy Merlin has expanded, transformed, been adapted. So we have.

Thank you, Leroy Merlin!

For all these reasons, we would love to keep writing success and learning stories like this one. Just give us a call… We might help revolutionize your company!