• Inditex in full rise of a global e-commerce site for their brands.
  • Need for external assistance in terms of innovation.
  • Developing a new e-commerce site:
  • Extend functionalities in every site, using the powerfull brand identity.
  • Making purchase easier for customers.
  • Making Zara identity bigger through multimedia content.

When UVE started working with Inditex group, they were adapting their company to the digital world, in the midst of a revolution. While internal developers were focusing on their own integrated sales platform, a new brand was launching and its own website was needed almost inmediately. Added to Zara wishing to increase their users’ interaction in digital media, it’s easier to imagine the stressful atmosphere of work in one of the brightest and worldwide revolutionary Spanish brands. To us, it meant a challenge and one of the most enriching experiences we have ever lived.

Let’s start. We were offered to create Inditex group new brand’s website: Uterqüe. The scenario was: creating a HTML product page connected to an online shop with a neat, lightweight code based on Zara’s IT development structure. Multilanguage, with a different product catalogue on each country and specific content… Each page had to meet the requirements of the brand’s production philosophy, identity and yet show hundreds of products in the easiest way, regarding content.

In six months we managed to develop an initial phase that met all those conditions and had a strong foundation to keep growing internal platforms for product management. And not just that. During the website creation, we helped out in other sides of the project, advising on how to show the product and producing test images. We created a product photography style guide so that their teams could work on new images reflecting the unique voice of their brand.

In the light of the good results obtained, Zara trusted us a second time to develop new functionalities on their website. We drafted a lookbook module that allowed tagging the garments worn by the models and add them to the shopping cart on just one click. We also created applications that highlighted fashion content through the strong commercial capacity of the brand, making the best out of the existing tech resources.

This experience had a positive influence on us as a company. Working closely with one of the state-of-the-art development teams in Spain just hit our minds on a new work methodology based on analysis, flexibility when working with external teams, information priority, a constant monitoring of our work and an inmediate response to any inquiry. It was our pleasure to join Inditex in a defining moment on their history and help them drive the ship in the storm of digital change.