• Tobacco shops in Spain are a conventional sector. Digital transformation was still ahead of them.
  • From 2014 on, there was a change in Spain’s legal framework: tobacco shops could now sell other products.
  • Creating a new B2B sales channel aimed to other stores and payback in a short time.
  • In 2 years, more than 20% of other cigar stores were already estanclick customers.
  • estanclick, born in 2015, reaches breakeven in 2016.

Being part of a project from the beginning is alywas nice. If that project becomes a success, is doubly satisfying. That is our experience with estanclick startup.

In early 2015, two entrepreneurs got in touch with us to talk about their idea: the law had changed and a fair amount of products besides tobacco could be sold in this kind of stores. Who provides tobacco shops with all these products? They had an idea: a B2B online sales platform where stores could easily buy these products.

Three months later, the platform was fully operational. After 2 years, more than 3,000 shops trust estanclick as current customers.

We created a showcase for every product but also a B2B backoffice area, promotion tools, connection to a loyalty club and a direct marketing platform. Daily promotions and a constant thinking of the strategic approach improve visitors, sales and conversion data monthly. It was never easier for tobacco shops!