• International school with a clear target.
  • An education field growing worldwide, part of a traditional sector.
  • Too many sites inside their website.
  • Duplicated content.
  • Organization of internal communication between teams in different countries.
  • Knowledge of their target audience and its behavior.
  • Implementation and integration of student management tools.
  • Brand digitalisation.
  • 200,000 website visits.
  • 1,300 app downloads.
  • Email opening rates of 42%.
  • 60 landing pages targeted.
  • 50 email marketing templates.
  • 25 actions for qualifying leads automation.

Almost 30 years leading Osteopathic studies guarantee their quality and their professors reputation. Its headquarter is in Alcalá de Henares (Madrid) and there are schools in each province in Spain. Also, EOM is present with schools in Italy and Portugal, and it has offices in Middle East, North, Central and South America.

After its expansion, the company needed to boost their brand, standardise its business model, know their target better and develop an Inbound Marketing strategy with specific converting actions and lean on a strong CRM tool.

How we procceeded our consultancy service:

UVE team went over every need focusing on the buyer persona, internal requirements, current status of the company and its expansion plan. EOM had a Marketing team with no methodology whatsoever. Our first step was to establish basic organization inside the team, give them internal guidelines to improve their communication and introduce them the KANBAN methodology through Trello software, in order to get an efficient daily workflow from them. This way, everyday tasks of each member of the team were organized according to priority and complexity criteria.

In a second phase, we carefully analyzing their data as well as their alumni records. This allowed us to plan a better scenario for a company’s brand that was becoming international and needed a website consistent with its expansion. That is how EOM Internacional was born. Supported by an Inbound Marketing strategy from the very start, this website was designed to collect information flows of every buyer persona, host specific content on landing pages with conversion smart forms and automations. Their content was determined by our previous keyword analysis, our research on the users’ behavior, and an active listening on social networks.

Keeping in mind the internal structure of their visuals we created EOM Academy, where videos became a new concept of knowledge pills about Osteopathy aimed to prospective students, current students and alumni.

This new website includes several factors created to compensate every buyer persona’s needs identify at the beginning of the implementation. UVE conceived this site to act as a canopy for every office at the company, with information about activities on schools worldwide, spotlighting the brand, their mission and therefore triggering students’ registrations. Giving the company’s need for modernization, we also developed an Android and iOS native app so that the information was available for mobile users, mostly physiotherapists interested on training.

1,315 monthly active users.

Demographic data

Brand audit and content production:

The starting scenario showed how their competitors kept growing while their brand and marketing strategy had become outdated. They needed a 360 digital approach. The company was caught in the midst of a transition towards digital transformation and asked for the necessary marketing intelligence to improve their brand performance on that stage they were going through.

Their brand voice was not as effective anymore, so they needed an agency as part of their staff: they needed a strategy that brought effectiveness and dynamism to their in-house team. The first steps to approach their communication strategy and content optimization were:

Evaluating the effectiveness of every channel used.

Targeting their audience.

Listening actively on social networking places.

Studying competitors.

Analysing actions carried out until then.

Auditing content.

Once their digital footprint was determined and their team knowledge was tested, we set KPIs and studied how to get there. The in-house team needed to learn about SEO when producing content. They produced content, but it was not addressed to the target searches or the search engines rules. At UVE, we are really conscious about our sector’s dynamism, constantly updating and changing, so we thought it was extremely important to stay up to date. This led us not only to content but also to search engines and how they understand what the user types, so we focused on Google algorithm and latest progress in AI.

Previous term and current

Traffic analysis

The schools needed better content and better positions on the search engine in order to increase their visibility to both their target and the scientific community. Their papers, their website reputation and their social impact had a fundamental role in journals like SCImago.

Summary of actions:

Evaluation and brand’s voice setting in all of their communications: post, email, social networks…

Troubleshooting on social media and guidelines on to approach different situations without damaging the brand’s online presence.

SEO guidelines on social media, understanding metadata and YouTube tagging.

Auditing both published and unpublished content. This way, the content now helps position the company as an expert on its field, improving its online reputation.

Boosting through SEM adverts live events held either in Spain or internationally.
Email interactions
Email opening rate

targeted landing pages

app downloads

new leads

email templates


Web visits

Current numbers show the actions done by UVE in just 9 months.

Actions payed off from the beginning and organic visits increased as well as social networks interactions, number of suscriptors and the attendance to events. Our consultancy service was planned and executed in order to let Escuela de Osteopatía de Madrid keep up their exponential growth worldwide.